Company Formation

Cs Company Formation

We can organise all the requirements and paperwork connected with company formation, registration of a German subsidiary or branch office and fiscal registration etc. Legal work will be done through law firm Graf & Partners, which has more than 10 years of experience in corporate law. See more details about company formation in Germany.

For those that want to open a business and enter the German market for the first time our colleagues from Cross-Channel-Lawyers explain the basic legal and tax requirements. Browse the site for tons of useful information and helpful links, for example the Guide for doing business in Germany (here).

As a premium service Friendly Germans can also offer a comprehensive fiduciary package: in this case we provide a professional trustee, i.e. a German attorney-at-law, who establishes the company in his own name, holds the company shares (on behalf of the trustor) and – if requested – also acts as the first managing director. The advantage of this approach is that the German company can be established within a few days without anybody from the UK having to travel to Germany (which otherwise is the case, because shareholders and managing directors must in principle appear before a German notary). The trustee can also for example open a bank account for the company without much hassle regarding the presentation of international documents and suchlike.

After all the initial paperwork is completed and if the client decides to take it from there themselves, the shares will be transferred to the trustor and a new managing director will be appointed. Even after such transfer of shares, quite a few clients decide to deploy a Friendly Germans person as an additional company representative anyway, because this enables the client to act more quickly and efficiently within Germany.

Before we can accept such a fiduciary package mandate we have to make sure that all money laundering and tax regulations are abided by. To be absolutely clear about it: such trustee services must and will be disclosed to the tax authorities.