Company Finance & Accounting

Cs Euro Bills

Smaller companies must deliver to the same professional standards as larger companies, but they are often not in a financial position to pay for an experienced in-house team of accountants, controllers and financial planners. For such companies we offer the expertise and services of a full team of experts, but on a „pay only for what you need“ freelance basis.

You can rent our services for one day per week or even less. We provide UK enterprises in Germany with experienced services in the areas of financial bookkeeping, payroll, cost accounting, forecasting and strategic planning. We also help you observe all German legal requirements. Of which there are plenty. 

If you are establishing a new business in Germany or expanding by opening a branch, we can help you set up the necessary systems from scratch. You will look forward to your monthly finance review - because the numbers will be clear and understandable.

We do assist with writing applications for German and EU grants and will provide you with all the necessary charts and tables for professional negotiations with investors and buyers.