How we work

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First and most importantly, we take time to listen. What exactly is your business idea or going concern all about and what are your general and specific needs, both short and long term? Then we ask ourselves how we can help you and who will be the best key contact person from our pool of experts. This contact person will then provide you with a proposal and negotiate the details and costs of this with you. For certain standardised services we can offer flat rates; for most services we will charge hourly rates. You pay only for the time we spend on your business and we keep detailed report sheets.

If you become our client, Friendly Germans Ltd will provide ideas, experts, personnel and practical support. The better we understand your business, the more we can help you. Thus, Friendly Germans is most beneficial when we work very closely with our clients, from business strategy to the operational level.

In a nutshell We Launch Your German Business.

Friendly Germans Ltd saves British entrepreneurs time and money by:

  • Connecting them with the right partners
  • Coaching them on German mentality, business customs and consumer habits
  • Providing all kinds of administrative assistance and services