Case Studies

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An Australian citizen who has companies in Australia and India (R&D in the field of industrial waste management) contacted our network law firm Graf & Partners because he wanted to form a German limited company which then – in cooperation with a German university and other partners – would conduct a R&D project. Once we had assisted with the formation of a German limited company through Graf & Partners, the client wanted more help which was non legal. Friendly Germans has to date helped the client as follows:

  • Provided the new company with a virtual office in Munich (postal address, phone and fax line, bilingual secretary that answers the phone)
  • Sourced a scientific consultant to assist with finding those German universities that would be best suited and probably most interested in such a R&D cooperation; same with potential private investors and industry partners.
  • Found a scientific consultant to help him with applications for German and EU public funding for the project
  • Drafted necessary agreements and helped with negotiations, filed for trademarks, patents etc
  • Helped find employees (from CEO to secretary) and office space; we have also recommended a German representative because having a German contact person will give credibility to the business and speed matters up tremendously
  • Many other small practical issues (opening bank accounts, filing tax forms, accounting, etc)